Bryan Warner

My name is Bryan Warner and I am an artist and teacher working in Southern New Jersey.   I teach Elementary Art to students from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  I have been painting for the past 20 years and teaching for more than 15 years.  My art is inspired by imagery from toys, coloring books, photos from my phone, etc.  I am currently working with ink and oil paint. 
My artmaking typically revolves around the use of found imagery that I translate through painting or drawing.  The imagery comes from photographs that I take throughout my daily travels.  Sometimes I use imagery from comic books, coloring books, or toys.  I aim to create a sense of child-like wonder and nostalgia in my work.  The artists who have influenced me include Marcel Duchamp, Philip Guston, Giorgio Morandi, and Luc Tuymans.


"Becoming is superior to being."

Paul Klee


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There’s a world hiding somewhere in that