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Artist Friend Network

Here you can find links to artists who I admire. Some are friends from real life, some I met via social media, and some I don't know beyond just admiring there art.  Check out their work please!

Luke is an artist and art teacher who lives in South Jersey.  I met him while I was doing a student teaching practicum at his school.  When I met him I wasn't really making art of my own anymore.  He's a big reason I started making art again.  


Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a national collective of co-op art galleries.  They have galleries in NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Greenville, NC.  Also, they were nice enough to accept me as a member!  Check them out please! 


Nick has been a friend of mine for 20 plus years.  We met in college, and he is a big reason that I became a painter, and kept painting.  Check out his work.  If you don't like, he will probably take that as a compliment.   

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